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Prestige Limo Reservation

Terms & Conditions

The client agrees to the following:

1. There will be no smoking in vehicle.

2. No illegal drugs will be consumed or possessed in vehicle.

3. The passenger capacity of vehicle provided shall not be exceeded.

4. A 30 days notice requirement for cancellation; failure to do so will result in an additional charge equal to the total amount due.

5. A two-day notification for any changes to ensure Prestige Limousine can accommodate the changes. Last-minute changes may result in use of an alternate vehicle.

6. Responsibility for all damages that are willfully or accidentally committed by client and/or client’s party during service.

7. In the case of misconduct by client and/or client’s party, chauffeur has the right to terminate agreement without any refund.

8. Prestige Limousine is not responsible for any item left in vehicle. However, if item is left and identified by the chauffeur immediately, he/she will make a reasonable attempt to return the item.

9. By providing credit card information, the client/credit card owner authorizes Prestige Limousine to charge any applicable fees for contracted service.

10. All overtime is charged by the hour. Overtime rates are non-negotiable. Chauffeur does not have the authority to waive overtime fees for any reason.

11. There could be unforeseen traffic and severe weather conditions which can delay travel time. Prestige Limousine will do its best to accommodate its clients’ timely arrival. Therefore, the chauffeur may request an earlier pick-up time if necessary.

12. In the case of a vehicle malfunction, Prestige Limousine will make every reasonable effort to provide a comparable replacement vehicle. The client will be reasonably compensated for any inconvenience.

13. Prestige Limousine is Part of A One Limousine Service com

For limousine reservations, please call 1-(708) 585-0555 or email us with the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Phone
  • Email Address
  • Event Date
  • Pickup Time/Location
  • Event Time/Location
  • Number of passengers
  • Any additional information necessary

Someone will return your call shortly. Please print out the Credit Card Authorization form
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